BA Loyalty Card

New in 2013! The Broken Arrow Loyalty Card is a new way to save money while playing golf this summer! The Loyalty Card entitles you to the Loyalty Rates throughout the season. Your $50 purchase will save you up to $25 per round ($67 w/Cart – Regular Weekend Rate, $42 w/Cart – Loyalty Card Weekend Rate)
Why choose the Loyalty Card? If you don’t have enough money to purchase a membership pass upfront, but still would like to play a lot of summer golf, the Loyalty Card is the perfect alternative! You will get a discount every round you come out to play. The discount depends on the day and time you choose to come out and play. The greatest discounts are for weekday/weekend morning rounds, but there are still discounts if you choose to play after 2PM. If you want to play 9 Holes or walk, the Loyalty Card entitles you to all Broken Arrow Reseident Rates as well!
Purchase the Loyalty Card for a seasonal fee of $50 and enjoy a whole summer of golf savings! No limits to how often you use your card! Use it as little or as often as you want! You choose how much you want to save!Loyalty Card Rules and Restrictions:Loyalty Card and Rates are valid Monday through Friday anytime, Saturday/Sunday/Holidays after 10AM. Card may not be cmobined with any other special offers, promotions, special rates, or twilight rates. Card is not valid with outing or event play. Loyalty Card is non-transferable and is only valid for the person whose name is issued on the front. All Loyalty Cards expire 12/31/13.
Loyalty Card Rates Weekdays Weekends Holidays
After 2PM

You also qualify for resident rates with the purchase of a Loyalty Card!

Available for purchase in the golf shop!

Available for purchase online soon!