Advertising and Sponsors

Advertising and Sponsors
Want a way to reach local golfers in the Lockport, Homer Glen, and New Lenox areas? Display your business’ message to the residents and guests who frequently play Broken Arrow Golf Club during the season.
All advertisements are designed to be eye-catching, eye-popping, and unique without being too distracting or annoying to the golfers/users. It’s golf course advertising. Advertising with a sense of class.
What better way is there to display your message or promotion to golfers and residents in the local area other than at one of the more popular courses in the South Suburbs!
Broken Arrow offers three types of advertising opportunities for local businesses. Cart GPS advertisements are displayed on the GPS unit of each golf cart. Online advertisements are displayed on Broken Arrow’s official website and emails. Tournament and Event Sponsors have their advertisements displayed in various places during the event including online advertising and cart ads. Browse the different types of advertising opportunities below!
Golf Cart GPS Advertising Online Advertising Tournament/Event Sponsor
Why advertise to or target golfers?
- Broken Arrow features a number of different promotions, membership passes, online specials, and events that draw a wide variety of golfers and guests who represent a diverse range of demographics.
- The Chicago Area boasts one of the most avid and popular golf regions in the country. Nationally, rounds of golf increased by nearly 6% in 2012. Regionally, rounds of golf increased by nearly 9% in 2012. Broken Arrow has sustained rounds significantly above both the national and regional average.
Effective Advertising
- Broken Arrow averages 200+ rounds per day during the regular season
- Play is open to the public everyday
- 100+ regular playing members and passholders
- Weekly Men’s and Women’s Golf Leagues
- Multiple golf outings per week
- Multiple tournaments and events per season
Simply Inexpensive
- No need to hire professional advertisement and design companies. We can work to create a high quality, eye-catching, and unique advertisement for you. It’s included in the cost!
- Send in pictures, logos, or advertisements you already have created and we will upload and make any changes you need.
- Ad changes and updates are always accepted!
- Advertise a specific deal, event, promotion, or your business in general!
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