Facility Staff and Policies

Michael Chen Cory Novak
Harry Lovero Ashleigh Anderson
William Colonna Taylor Latz
Michael Camastro Rick Jerding

Golf Course and Facility Policies

Check-In Policy

In order to ensure all of our members, guests, and patrons tee off on time, we ask all golfers to check in to the golf shop at least 20 minutes prior to his or her tee time.

Dress Code Policy

We ask all of our members, guests, and patrons to wear proper golf attire. Jeans, tee shirts, and cut off’s are not considered proper golf attire. Broken Arrow is a soft spike facility only, all metal spikes and cleats are prohibited.

Pace of Play Policy

In order to ensure all of our members, guests, and patrons are able to finish eighteen holes in a reasonable amount of time, we ask all of our golfers to maintain the starting interval with the group ahead and finish in under four and a half hours. Groups unable to maintain a reasonable pace of play may be asked to move to a different hole to allow other members, guests, and patrons to play in under four and half hours.

Cooler/Off-Course Beverage Policy

All coolers and off course beverages are prohibited. To ensure the safety of our members, guests, and patrons, we ask all players and spectators to leave their coolers and off course beverages in their vehicles in the parking lot. Alcohol and non-alcohol drinks are available in the snack shop, bar, or outdoor pavilion. Bags of ice and cups are also available for purchased beverages. Medical exceptions may be granted by management only.

Rain Check Policy

Rain checks are issued only after golf course management has declared a weather delay for at least 30 minutes and the golf course has been cleared of players and spectators. Rain checks may only be issued for medical reasons by management. Rain checks are prorated based on the amount paid for green fees/cart fees and the amount of holes completed. Rain checks are valid for up to one year from date of issuance. Rainchecks are one time use only and are not valid after expiration.

Concealed Carry Policy

According to the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act, businesses that generate at least 50% or more in alcohol revenue, public parks, and schools are prohibited from allowing concealed weapons on the premises. In order to ensure the safety of our members, guests, patrons, and schools located in the close proximity to the golf course, all concealed weapons are prohibited on the premises. This includes both the outdoor golf course as well as the indoor club house and restaurant facilities. Please keep your concealed weapon locked in your lock box in your vehicle while on the premises.

Smoke Free Facility Policy

Effective January 1, 2008, the Smoke-free Illinois Act prohibits smoking in public places and workplaces, including restaurants, bars, and private clubs. Smoking is prohibited indoors and within 15 feet of any entrance, opening, or window.